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Our Story

Australia’s best bloodlines

The original Terrick West Stud was founded in 1932 from Bundemar and Haddon Rig genetics, and

moved to our family farm at Terrick West on the Northern Victorian plains in 1948.

Terrick West Poll Merino Stud was founded in the 1954 from Poll Boonoke rams and is the oldest

active poll stud in Victoria. In 1982 we combined our best ewes and the remaining horned stud was


Over the last four decades we have focused on producing larger-frame Poll Merinos with the highest

quality fine/medium wool. This began with the introduction of two Moorundie Park rams from

South Australia which delivered significant and consistent improvements in size and bulk across the

stud. In 1989 this was augmented with the first of two Roseville Park fine wool rams. And more

recently we have introduced semen from Wallaloo Park and a share of a Merryville Poll sire.

Today’s strongest genetics

Today, young Terrick West sires consistently produce high volumes of soft handling, deep-crimping

wool in the 17-19 micron range with high comfort factors – on frames weighing over 100kg still with their lambs teeth.

This balance is reflected in our flock, where average micron over the last three years has fallen

below 19 (18.2 in 2020) and our mature animals average more than 8kg of wool production each


Terrick West’s large-framed and plan-bodied sires are also critical for many of our clients joining

ewes to Border Leicesters and other terminal sires – where Terrick West’s consistently bulky and

deep-crimping wool ensures ongoing wool clip value in addition to profitable meat production.

Proven against the best

Terrick West has consistently performed well in sales around Australia and our

diverse clients represent most climates and breeding philosophies.

Terrick West is a proud supporter of Australia’s long merino show tradition – where we get live

feedback on our animals in comparison to the best in the country. And we continue to gather deeper

and deeper breed-value data as an additional vital measure against the best.

This balanced approach to sheep genetics is delivering results for the many farms, climates and

breeding approaches that buy from Terrick West.

In recent years, Terrick West sires have been successfully introduced to flocks across Australia, New

Zealand and South America including high performance studs, large and small commercial flocks,

traditional breeders and leaders in the ASBV data-driven approach.

Delivering for your business

Terrick West sires are delivering consistent returns for our clients – from high-quality progeny and

improved wool clips right through to excellent prices for surplus ewe sales and weather lambs over the hooks.

To discuss how Terrick West’s balanced genetics can deliver for your business, please contact Ross or

Claire via phone or email at the contact details below.

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