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The Terrick West Stud was founded in 1932 and over many years was based on Bundemar and Haddon Rig blood. The poll stud was founded on Poll Boonoke blood in the early 1950’s. In 1980 the horn stud was dispersed with the best ewes taken into the poll stud.

At that time we decided to concentrate our efforts on breeding a large frame poll merino with high quality fine/medium wool. With very few poll sires of this type available we set about breeding a suitable animal. Two rams were purchased from Moorundie Park in South Australia during the early 1980s. One of theses rams bred very well adding great size and bulk to our sheep.

In 1989 we purchased a fine wool ram at the Roseville Park Poll Stud dispersal and a second poll ram 3 years later. This ram was bred in the horn special stud at Roseville Park but was polled and he has proved to be an outstanding success at Terrick West. 

In recent years some semen from Wallaloo Park and a share in a Merryville Poll ram has been added with great effect.

As most of our clients join some of their ewes to border leisters and other terminal sires it is important to produce large framed sheep with a plain body and a bulky deep crimped wool testing 18-20 micron.
With the concentration on soft handling deep crimped wools with high comfort factors the micron of our sheep continues to fall with many young sires now in the 17 to 19 micron range and exceeding 100kg by the time they cut their 2 teeth. 

The long term flock micron has been falling while wool cuts and body weights have increased at the same time. The past 3 years has seen the flock average 19 microns with grown sheep wool cut average over 8kgs.
Last season the flock average was 18.2 micron.

Over the last few years Terrick West has had considerable show and sale success with both stud and specially selected rams have been sold all over Australia. This shows that there is strong demand for the type of sheep we are breeding. Several Terrick West clients have achieved excellent prices for wether lambs over the hooks and high prices for surplus ewes. 


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