2022 on Property Ram Sale results

Such an incredible result today! 100% clearance of 80 rams sold to an average of $3,703 with the Klowss Family of Horsham purchasing the top-priced ram for $6,500
Thank you to all our bidders and under bidders for your continued support. 

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Genomic testing and ASBV's 2022

Terrick West will be providing Genomic tests (including poll tests) on our top 100 sale rams this year. ASBV's on these top rams will also be available.


Terrick West

At Terrick West Poll Merinos we develop sheep genetics that consistently transfer breed value from
the stud to the paddock.
Our priority is high-volume, high-quality and soft-handling 18-19 micron wool on large fertile dual-
purpose animals – delivering consistent returns in all soil, feed and climate conditions.
We take a measured approach to stud breeding, using experience and data to sustainably introduce
profitable traits without upsetting the genetic balance of the flock.
This approach drives our own stud and commercial flock operation at Terrick West Estate, our family
farm on the Northern Victorian plains north west of Bendigo.



Our new Facebook page TERRICK WEST POLL is now up and running. Terrick west Poll Merinos is no longer in use.

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ASBV's, Genomic testing and Data Collection

Australian Sheep Breeding Values will be available on our top 100 sale rams.

Click the link below to read more.


Terrick West and the McGauchie Family

The Terrick West Stud was founded by Edgar McGauchie and his sons Cyril and Eric in 1932.

Today Eric’s son, stud-master Ross McGauchie runs Terrick West Poll Merinos with his wife Robyn

and daughter Claire.

Claire is the fourth generation of McGauchies to help set the vision and direction of Terrick West Poll


A balanced and sustainable approach

Over four generations at Terrick West we have always cared for our land and our animals.

We take a balanced approach to innovations that sustainably improve our stud, our flock, our

industry and our home.

We are proud to produce the most ethical and sustainable fibre in the world by continuously

nurturing our animals and our land.

At Terrick West we run 1,000 stud ewes and 1,200 flock ewes across 9,000 acres of dry land

pasture (lucerne, sub, rye and cereal stubbles) and limited irrigation (lucerne) from an average

annual rainfall of 400mm (last 100 years of data).

Our rams are vaccinated and certified to MN3 (Ovine Johne’s) making them eligible for entry into all

states and territories. We are also Brucellosis free.



Hay Sheep Show-  June 18th 2022

Bendigo Sheep and Wool Show- July 15th- 16th 2022

On Property Ram Sale- Friday 5th August 2022

80 rams on offer

ASBV'S on auction rams here

Victorian State Merino Field Day- Marnoo- 15th August 2022

Dubbo show- Display of Rams

23rd- 24th August 2022

Adelaide Ram Sale-6th-9th September

3 rams on offer

ASBV'S on sale rams here

Private selection of graded rams available from late September.

Rams priced at $1,000+GST and $1,500+GST

Please call Ross to arrange an appointment.


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